Wood pellets - an economical and sustainable energy source

It's hard to beat a real log fire for that cosy, homely feel, as well as that special quality of heat that it brings to the home. But traditional open fires are becoming more rare in modern homes due to their inconvenience and associated pollution problems.

Wood pellet stoves can bring the warmth and comfort of the open fire back to your home in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly manner - saving you time and money in the process. Manufactured from compacted waste sawdust this renewable energy source is set to take the UK and Irish markets by storm, in the same way as it has enjoyed huge success since its introduction into the European and US markets.

  • Smoke-free fuel
  • Little ash residue (<1.5%)
  • High energy content (>18mjl)
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 90%

At Carlisle Fuels we are now proud to offer both wood pellet fuel and wood briquettes as alternative renewable energy sources for Northern Ireland..

Our premium grade wood pellets are supplied at competitive prices to both domestic and commercial installations. This site explains all you need to know about on our new wood fuel products.